Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Rise Of XILE

Chris "Xile" Kautzky

If you didn't think Xile ruled as the official song maker for the Oregon Ducks after O Time, he's got your attention now with his latest, "Gotta Get It."

In fact, not only has he dethroned supwitchugirl with his latest Duck hit, he stuck a dagger in their heart and twisted it.  GAME OVER.

Supwitchugirl, you know...the group that came out with I Love My Ducks, is so three years ago.  Sure, we all love our Ducks, but we're not smellin roses anymore, we're squeezin' oranges.

SWUG isn't even making Duck video's anymore.  Which is probably a good thing, considering the fact that the two times they did, Oregon lost their bowl games that year.

Well, they are still making videos actually.  Their latest, titled, "The Best Bro," is a poor attempt at humor, makes no sense, and has nothing to even do with the Ducks.

While they're busy making homoerotic short films, Xile is in the studio whipping up dope tracks for the Ducks.  Original lyrics to original beats producing duck anthems fans can bump and be proud of anywhere.  There's nothing cheesy about his songs.

Oh, and the Ducks are undefeated in their bowls games when Xile has come out with a song and video.


  1. Love it! Xile is a great person interacts with the fans and is a great fan of the game. Love the dude and everyone associated with him.

  2. This is a waste of pixels. Xile's lyrics, flow and beats are amateur at best.

    You really show your ignorance when you call SWUG homoerotic. You're obviously white trash, with no clue about the pulse of Duck fans.

    1. Jhey i would like to see you do better than Xile.
      Xile is so chill
      you havent even met him.