Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Playoff System Benefits The Ducks

Last year the Ducks 'Rose' to power. This year they hope to 'squeeze the day' by winning the Orange Bowl

Imagine if Ohio State or Auburn only had a week to prepare for Oregon.  That will be the case in 2014, after it was announced today that a playoff system has officially been approved.

No longer will there be the usual four or five week bowl layoff.  There's no question teams took advantage of the layoff in preparing for Oregon's offensive attack.

The extra time also allowed teams to rest its players and heel up.  Having fresh players and depth is a big key in playing against Oregon.

Now teams will have only a week in between games to prepare for the buzz saw, that is the Oregon offense, coming right at them.  Ask the Pac 12 how hard that is!  There's a reason why the Ducks have won three consecutive conference championships.

Of course the Ducks have to get there first, before even thinking about a national championship.  But if they do, the format plays into their strength.

It's Official: College Football is Getting A Playoff

A four-team playoff system for college football has officially been approved by a presidential oversight committee.  The proposed plan is set to take place in 2014.

Here's how it works:  a selection committee will rank the teams to play in the playoffs based on win-loss records, strength of schedule, head-to-head results, and whether a team won its conference.  The semifinal games will rotate among six bowl sites and the national championship will rotate among neutral sites.

Here are my thoughts.

First of all, why do we have to wait till 2014?  Secondly, who's on the committee?  It better be someone without a bias or agenda (leaving out most of the south).  And its gotta be people who watch college football like it's their life.  That means staying up and paying attention to late night games on the west coast as well.

Finally, a conference champion shouldn't factor into much of the equation.  Not all conferences are created equally.  I don't wanna see an 8-5 or 8-4 UCONN team playing in the Fiesta bowl anymore, just because they won the Big (L)east.

With that said, the cute little discussions about "bcs busters" and watching 30 minute shows in which the hosts put together a mock bcs poll, before the official one is released, will be a thing of the past...after 2013.

That may anger a few of the people at ESPN, but not me.  

While it's not perfect, college football is finally taking some steps in the right direction towards adding some legitimacy to college football's post season. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Former Duck AA Chael Sonnen Takes On Anderson Silva

Silva (left) Sonnen (right)

Going off topic here by talking about something other than Duck football, but it still has a connection to the Oregon Ducks.

Another sport I love to follow is MMA, and more specifically, the UFC.  In one of the most anticipated showdowns in UFC history, Anderson "the spider" Silva takes on former All-American wrestler at the University of Oregon, Chael Sonnen, in a rematch, on July 7th.  The two headline an already impressive card as part of UFC 148.

Sonnen, who learned how to fight "on the mean streets of West Linn," is a notorious trash talker but he backs it up.  He has a 27-11 career record.  His favorite target for his trash talk is Anderson Silva (which you can see in the video link I posted above), whom he hates.

For those that don't know, Anderson Silva is like the Michael Jordan of MMA. He's ridiculously good and almost unstoppable.  He is the current UFC middleweight champion with a record of 31-4.  He is the consensus number one pound-for-pound fighter in the world according to ESPN, Sherdog, Yahoo! sports, MMAFighting.com, and more.  Silva currently holds the longest winning streak (14) and title defense streak (9) in UFC history.

He also hates Sonnen.  The two have a history together going back to their first fight at UFC 117, August 7th, 2010.

Sonnen trash talked the whole time leading up to the fight, saying he was going to "retire" Silva.  Thing is, he almost beat Silva!  He's really the last guy you can say that about.  The fight went 5 rounds before Sonnen tapped out by submission, 3:10 into the fifth round.

Leading up to their second fight, Sonnen is once again talking his trash, and getting more personal with it.  He even had the balls to do it at a press conference in Silva's own backyard in Rio...and not surprisingly Silva is mad.

Silva told MMAWeekly.com "what I'm going to do to Chael has never been done before.  I'm going to break his arms, legs, and teeth."

UFC president Dana White also had this to say, "I've never heard Anderson Silva talk like this."

My thoughts is this...Sonnen - while capable of backing it up - probably has written a check his mouth can't cash this time.  It's not wise to tug on superman's cape.  Any chance the champion Silva was getting lazy by punkin one opponent after the next are probably gone.  Sonnen's got his full attention.  You don't give cats like these - Jordan, Silva, Kobe - any kind of motivation cause they will use it!

As a Duck I like Sonnen, but Silva is my guy.  I'd like to see him win and I think he will.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Thoughts On Haters and The Oregon Ducks

Hate is an ugly thing isn't it?  Well, unless you're the one that's being hated on.  For them, it's a form of flattery.  For the haters, it's a sign of weakness.

To be so consumed with other peoples lives instead of focusing on their own, really is pathetic.

There are two different types of haters in this world:  those that hate when you're on top, and those that hate the ones striving to BE on top.

If you haven't noticed, the Oregon Ducks have a lot of haters.  One trip around college football message boards and you'll see them everywhere.

There are the traditional haters (rivals) like Oregon state, UW, and USC (who'll I get to in another rant) that are jealous of their success.

Then they have the non-traditional haters - from other conference's like the Big 12, B1G, and SEC - that are also jealous of their success, but also scoff at the notion that Oregon can get any better, or win a national championship.

Many of the teams from those conferences kind of represent the old guard in college football (and you can throw SC in there as well): Alabama, Texas, Ohio State, Michigan, etc., that aren't ready to accept Oregon yet as a major player, and are afraid of what they can become.

They see what Oregon is doing out here in our own little part of the country.  A grass roots movement that started in the late 80's really, prior to receiving any kind of help from "Uncle Phil" right on up until now.

They see the flashy uniforms, multi-million dollar facilities, and fans packing Autzen stadium on Saturday's, making it the loudest stadium in the country.  They see us taking recruits from their own backyard.  Places like Texas, Indiana, Florida, and Alabama.

They see it and they don't like it.

The small time programs like our little bro in Corvallis (Oregon state) are only mad because we are what they never will be!  

Just remember - no matter who you are or what you do in life - haters are the ones who say you can't and won't, because they're scared you will.

Go out and prove them wrong!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

How Much More Proof Do You Need?

Any questions???

Another interesting fact: it took Oregon 16 years to go from 400 all-time wins, to 500 (1986-2002). However, with another 10+ win season this year (which is very likely), it will have taken Oregon just 10 years to go from 500 all-time wins, to 600.  Another indication that Oregon isn't just some "flash in the pan" program.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Oregon's Offensive Machine: Who Wouldn't Want To Play In It?

There's that famous line from the movie Gladiator during the first battle, in which Maximus says, "at my signal, unleash hell."

That's kinda how the Oregon Ducks offense is.  Chip Kelly is Maximus.  He's the general.  The players get the signal from the sideline by reading the giant playcards.  And when the ball is snapped, all kinds of hell is unleashed.

It's a relentless assault that doesn't stop.  In fact it only gets worse as the game goes on.  It emphasizes speed - both with the individual player, and the amount of time in between plays.

The latter of which is what wears opponents out throughout the course of the game, and allows them to put up their eye popping numbers.  Oregon's offense is always one of the best in the country.

"The style they play is like nothing that anybody's ever seen," said USC coach Lane Kiffin.

Oregon is one of the fastest teams in the nation at getting to the snap.  At 23.2 seconds between plays, they're 32% faster than the average team.

That kind of pace wears out the opposition, leaving players with their hands on their hips by the second half.  As fatigue sets in players are more likely to miss an assignment or a tackle.  The next thing you know...the flood gates have opened.

What once was a close game turns into a blowout.  Looking at a stretch of 10 games dating back to 2009, in which Oregon either trailed or had a slim lead at half time, the Ducks outscored their opponents 257-68 in the second half.

As Oregon's offense continues to lead the nation or be near the top in every major category, they continue to attract top recruits.

Should you really be surprised?  Who wouldn't want to play in this offense?

Dontre Wilson
Running backs especially have taken notice.  Oregon just recently plucked another RB from the Longhorns own backyard in Texas, in 4 star recruit Dontre Wilson.

Wilson, rated the #2 all-purpose back in the nation by rivals, chose Oregon because, "I just think that's the perfect fit for me."

With the addition of Wilson, Oregon has an embarrassment of riches at RB.  He joins 5 star recruit Thomas Tyner, and the two will be competing for carries with De'Anthony Thomas - who's already on most people's Heisman watch list.

The system feeds itself.  As Oregon continues to stock pile talent, the more they'll continue to put up big numbers, and the less likely they are to fall off.  The machine just keeps on rollin.

Friday, June 1, 2012

A Rant For The Haters

I'm gettin close to being fired up enough to get back to Duck blogging. You wanna run smack on Oregon for not having won a national championship, and make fun of their uniform combinations? You're just jealous because Oregon is the most innovative and forward thinking program, and all other programs are playing catch up. Despite not winning a national championship, Oregon has been one of the most successful programs the last decade. And those uniform combinations are partly because of that. It almost brought them a NC in 2010, and don't be surprised when or if it does happen. That's all for now!