Sunday, July 29, 2012

Letters From You

Somethin new I'm doin here.  Whenever my mailbox is full with questions from the readers, I'll answer them here.

Lets get it started!

Scott from Sacremento asks: with SC picking up Redd from Penn State, do you see Oregon going after any of their players?

Chris Rands:  I can't think of one player they have on offense that Oregon would want, with the only exception being a lineman.  There might be a few on defense, but offensively Oregon is set.  

Jeff from Portland asks: I loved those chrome helmets in the rose bowl, do you think Oregon comes out with a new helmet this year?

Chris Rands:  I don't know, haven't heard, but how can you top those?  Those were the best ever.  That's how you design a helmet (hear that Maryland?)

Bryson from Turner asks:  Who's do you think is gonna be our quarterback this year?

Chris Rands:  I honestly can't say because I'm hearing both are really good, but if you want an answer I'd say Bennett just because he has some game experience from last year.  From what I'm hearing though, Mariota sounds like a better quarterback and fit for this offense.  You can read more about the qb position battle here:

Jason from Salem asks:  I really like your pictures you make, always so fresh.  Where can I see more?

Chris Rands:  Thanks man!  Just check my facebook page, and while you're there, "like it!"

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ducks Set To Kickoff The Unfinished Business Tour

We are less than 40 days away from what promises to be a very exciting tour:  the unfinished business tour.  A tour that's been in the making since Oregon lost to Auburn in the 2011 national championship game.

Oregon's head coach Chip Kelly's resume at Oregon is pretty impressive.  How about the most wins of any bcs school over the past five years (53).  The most weeks in the top 10 of any bcs school (28).  Three straight conference championships.  And three straight bcs game appearances, including a win in last year's Rose bowl.

Auburn RB Michael Dyer's wrist sure looks down to me
The lone blemish on his resume is that loss to Auburn.  In particular, the way in which they lost.  Auburn was probably playing with an ineligible player in Cam Newton.  There were many questionable calls in that game, the most crucial of which came in the fourth quarter, when Auburn RB Michael Dyer appeared to be down (or was he?) but kept running, which put Auburn in position for the game winning field goal. 

Oregon didn't even play their best game, but still had their chances to win.  They only lost 23-19.

It had to have left a bad taste in Kelly's mouth.  Which is probably why, after contemplating an offer from the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kelly came back to Oregon, concluding that:

"I have some unfinished business
  to complete at the University of Oregon."

It was with those words the tour was on.  Now of course Oregon has some questions to answer this year, and some big shoes to fill with the loss of Darron Thomas at QB, and LaMichael James at RB.

But they counter that with talent and depth.  Guys who are ready to step up, and ready for the spotlight.  And most experts have Oregon ranked in the 5-10 range, and being a contender for the national championship.

Chip Kelly and his rock band - one of the most exciting shows in all of college football - kick things off Sat., September 01, versus Arkansas State.

And this tour, will not end until Kelly has fulfilled his prophecy.  



Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Champion Will Rise

There are 11 conference championship banners in this stadium.  But we're not here to talk about history, we're here to keep makin it: 34-6 under Chip Kelly, back-to-back-to-back Pac 10/12 conference championships, 3 consecutive BCS bowl games, defending Rose Bowl champions.

For the Ducks, the beat goes on.

Joe Paterno Thoughts

I love it...Penn State got EXACTLY what they deserve. All the Joe Paterno supporters need to go away, I'm sick of hearing from them and their delusional ass's. The current players on the roster can transfer and play IMMEDIATELY so it's not like they're being punished for something they had nothing to do with.

It's as simple as this...people who protect child molesters don't deserve a statue.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Forget The ESPYs, These Are The Duckies


Clearly ESPN is biased towards the Ducks.  If you wasted your time by watching the ESPYs last night, you would've noticed that.  But forget those, here are the REAL winners: 
DeAnthony Thomas' breakthrough game had to of been the Rose Bowl.

 DeAnthony Thomas aka "The Black Mamba."  In just his freshman year, DeAnthony Thomas was a freshman All-American, ranked 11th nationally in all-purpose yards, and was the only player in the nation with at least 400 yards receiving, rushing, and kick returning.
LaMichael James set the Pac 12 championship game standard with 219 yards and 3 touchdowns on 25 carries against UCLA.
  • BIGGEST UPSET: USC beating Oregon
I'm going the other way with this and saying USC.  In a game the Ducks had to have to keep their national championship hopes alive, they came out sluggish, and #18 USC (double digit underdogs) made them pay.  They had a 24-7 lead at one point in the third quarter.  Oregon finally showed that they were better than that, and came back, but a missed fg at the end cost them, and ended their hopes of playing for a national championship.
  • GAME OF THE YEAR: Rose Bowl
In one of college football's games of the year, the Ducks FINALLY got that BCS monkey off their back, and ended their Rose Bowl drought with a 45-38 win over Wisconsin.
  • BEST MOMENT: Winning The Rose Bowl 
The moment the clock hit zero.
  • COACH OF THE YEAR: Chip Kelly
Coached the team to a third straight conference championship and won a Rose Bowl!  Need I say more?
  • BEST COMEBACK: vs. #18ASU 10/15/11
It was kind of hard to find a good comeback win because, Oregon hasn't had to come from behind in many of its games.  So I went with this.  The #9 Ducks trailed throughout much of the first half, but they woke up in the second half and took the lead for good in the third quarter, on a 3 yard TD run by DeAnthony Thomas.  The Ducks would go on to win 41-27, in front of an Autzen stadium crowd of 60,0055.
LaMichael James
He set numerous records this year, including: most consecutive games at Oregon with over 100+ yards rushing, and 200+ yards rushing, he became Oregon's all-time leader in rushing yards and climbed up to #2 on the list in Pac 12 history, oh and he led the nation in rushing yards per game.  Pretty shabby.  

All In The Family: Paterno's Family Is Lying To Us

Nothing irritates me more than people who lie and basically question our intelligence. Joe Paterno did it by covering up the Sandusky scandal to A) protect his program/university and B) protect the name of his long time friend and assistant Jerry Sandusky.

It must run in the family because NOW, they're coming out saying Joe did everything he
could do, and wasn't covering it up. Right, Joe didn't cover anything up, even though evidence would suggest otherwise. Emails show that he knew the details of what was going on, but failed to report it to child welfare authorities. He could've pushed harder but didn't. EVEN Phil Knight retracted his words at your funeral, Joe, and is now saying:

"According to the investigation, it appears Joe made missteps that led to heartbreaking consequences. I missed that Joe missed it, and I am extremely saddened on this day. My love for Joe and his family remains."

His family is just doing the same thing Joe did to protect his university and friend's name: they're lying to us by saying Joe did what he could and didn't cover anything up, so they can protect HIS name. Problem is, it's already soiled.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Enough With List's, and Many Duck Links

52 days left until college football begins.  52 days left until the Oregon Ducks slaughter the Arkansas State Red Wolves, and begin their march towards Miami on New Year's Day.

But 52 days is still a ways away.  That leaves a lot of people with a bunch of time on their hands.  Mostly they like to just hear themselves talk and create polls, or lists, as a way to bait fans and get traffic.

You know the list's I'm talking about:  best uniforms, best helmets, best/worst cheerleaders, best/worst stadiums, best/worst fanbases, etc.

I look at this time as a chance to further my education by taking summer courses, and get out and have some fun while I can, and the weather is still good.  However, I am working on an epic piece that I'm gonna take my time with.  It will be out in time before the season starts.

In the meantime, here are some links I found worth checking out:

Think I was kidding about Oregon being a national title contender?  Phil Steele doesn't seem to think so also has the Ducks playing for the national championship 

Yardbarker takes a look at the freshman who could get a lot of playing time in week 1 

Several Duck's are making national award watch list's 

One word on 2013 Oregon recruit Dontre Wilson: wow