If you're looking for the best Oregon Duck blog, you've found it.  You can say I was destined to do this.  Probably the most diehard Duck fan you will find, I've also been labeled as a natural in sports writing.  After listening to people for years tell me I should pursue this, I finally listened.  I started on facebook, where I posted my articles as notes.  When my audience became large enough, I realized I needed something more professional, to put on display.  That's when I started this blog.
I cover mostly Oregon Ducks football.  I love to talk about it.  I want to be the leading voice for it.  I would love to use this as a form of marketing for them...to give them more attention and the respect they deserve, than say, the national media.  
In fact, Michael Jacob Bodmer, a production assistant at ESPN even said about me once, "You should be on some kind of marketing team for the Ducks." 
Because I do love sports in general, I will from time to time talk about other things that don't include the Oregon Ducks, but the focus of this blog is mainly on the Ducks.


All my life I've been passionate about three things: Oregon Ducks football, sports, and writing.  When my playing days were over, I decided to pursue my other hobby (writing), and combine it with my other love (Duck football).  It was a natural fit.  Now I want to bring that passion to you.

As a writer, I feel I've been given a gift.  I have a crazy mind sometimes, where I come up with my ideas, I don't know?  All I can say is it comes from God.  A trip to the gym, or the grocery store, might spark an idea for my next piece, and I'll quickly write down what I'm thinkin.  

I have a unique style that combines many different influences I had growing up.  I have an edge no doubt, hence the name "Rants."  That comes from many years of listening to Jim Rome growing up.  My "rants" are like his takes.  But I also like to actually write a story like a feature article, or maybe preview a game and give specific details on both teams.

I can reflect back on the knowledge I have of football (I am a football junky and have studied it) to give informative articles.

Whether it's a rant, a feature article, or a preview, you're gonna get my best.  I believe in my ability as a writer, and I'm not even close to being as good as I can be yet.  My goal is to be the best, and I will get there.  I have the confidence to back me up, and the dedication to never quit.  I'm not doin this for me, I'm doin it for the Ducks!