The birdgang is my group I started with a few of my friends growing up, who were passionate Duck fans just like me.  For us, the Oregon Ducks were what we claimed, green and yellow were our colors. Being a Duck fan back then didn't get you much respect, but we took pride in it.  We had this us against the world mentality, and defended our Ducks against all the rivals, and all the haters.

Thanks to social media sites such as facebook, the birdgang movement began to take off last summer, and gained a lot of notoriety. With around 50 members in 10 states, stretching from Oregon to North Carolina, the birdgang has evolved into something bigger than I ever could have imagined.


We are an elite group of Duck fans.  We're in your face, loyal, passionate, and not afraid to mix it up with other fans. To be in the birdgang, you have to earn your wings.  The principals remain the same: rep the O everywhere you go, always defend the Ducks against the rivals, and show no love for the beavers...period!  

Most members have some unique way of displaying their Duck pride as well.  Some have Duck tattoos, others have created a character such as Duck Pond Man, or Duck Nut, and others have even made songs or videos, or both, to show their love.  The point is to just be another voice for the Ducks, and show that it's cool to be a Duck fan. 

The birdgang is going to continue to grow and be a stronger voice for the Ducks. The birdgang was born to fly...we're just gettin' started!


  1. DEFINITELy and "ELITE" Group belonging to the MOST ELITE team ever.. Just like the DUCKS we are a Unique group of individuals that are assembled through destiny. I thank You tons Chris Rands for allowing the BIRDGANG to spread and be represented all over. Especially here in the MILE HIGH. "OUR WINGS are MADE OF STEEL and our HEARTS Bleed Green n Yellow" - King Of Duck Swagg

  2. Semper Fidelis, Semper Vigitas....... Semper Birdgang

  3. thanks for the NORTH CAROLINA mention brother love and respect to all my BIRDGANG FAMILY