Monday, March 18, 2013

CBB Rant: Ducks Need To Just Play (And Win)

Tired of hearing people complain about Oregon receiving a #12 seed from the NCAA selection committee.  

Is it disrespectful that a team with 26 wins from a power 6 conference, who won their conference tournament, could only get a 12 spot?  Sure it is.  But there's no sense in complaining about it.  DO something about it.  Go out and win.  You lose and you just proved all the people that picked against you right anyway.

And it's not as if Oregon is gonna make a huge run anyway.  I mean let's be honest...every year it's the same teams, and the rest are just a bunch of turds. I love my Ducks and I wanna see them do well, but when they're out, I'll be out too. 

If I care enough to see who's cutting down the nets in April, I'll tune in to sportscenter. 

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