Thursday, April 4, 2013

What We Already Knew: Auburn's Title Is A Fraud

Congratulations Auburn on your cheap ass tainted title.  Of course it should really come as no surprise to anybody.  Where there's smoke there's fire, and this thing started smoking weeks before the 2010 national championship.

Among the allegations that just came out were changing players' grades so they could be eligible to play, offering money to potential NFL draft picks, so they could return for their senior season, and recruiting violations committed under former head coach Gene Chizik. 

I've never understood what good vacating wins does because we all know who won, but if there ever was a case where a team deserves to be stripped of a title, it's this one.

The whole team was full of dirty players who were getting paid and bribed to be there, and didn't even have to go to class to be eligible to play.

Think about the players playing in that game that shouldn't have been, starting with Cam Newton.  The laptop thief from Florida bailed on them and wound up at Auburn, who just did a better job at outbidding others. 

That's obviously a violation.  Then there were nine others that were academically ineligible (or should have been) but had their grades changed, just so they could play.

Included in that nine was star RB Michael Dyer.  Duck fans know that guy.  If it wasn't for him and his stupid wrist that touched the grass, and the blind official that missed it (probably paid for by Auburn), Oregon may have won the game.

He shouldn't have even been playing!  Take him and Cam out of the game and Oregon wins easily.

Hey Auburn, how does it feel having basically a team full of semi-pro and ineligible athletes and yet you could only beat Oregon by 3?

Auburn fans should be embarrassed.  You can't take pride in winning it that way.  It's so obvious they were cheating.

Just look at what happened once those players started trickling out.  How did Gene Chizik following the year they bought their national championship?  8-5 to 3-9 to jobless.

That 3-9 record gotta sting a little eh Auburn fans?
What's the matter?  Run out of money and couldn't afford to buy anymore players?  You deserve whatever the NCAA throws at you, and it probably won't be enough.           

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