Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How Great Is It To Be A Duck?

How great is it to be a Duck? Think about how close they've been recently: played for a NC in '10, and were close to playing for one in '07, '11, and '12. Yeah they've come up short, but the fact that they're in the mix every year is something I'll take.

I live for Duck football. I was raised to be a Duck. Everybody's gotta be a diehard fan of some team, I'm so lucky that this is mine. The amount of pride I feel is like that of a father who watched his son grow up and make it.

The Ducks are new money in college football. The old school traditionalists don't like them because they're a threat to them. 
Traditional programs like SC resent Oregon's success
The Ducks are cool, trendy, have fancy uniforms, crazy facilities, and score a bunch of points too. Traditionalists don't even like Oregon's offense because they say it's unfair. 
Here's my little violin I'm playin for ya. Hate all you want, you're just mad that Oregon's doing what you do, but look better doing it. 
The Ducks rose to power by doing it THEIR way! Their rivals don't like them because they will NEVER be like Oregon (osu), or, they remind them of what they once were, only better (uw). 
The pooches once stuck their chest out at Oregon. Not anymore.
They keep expecting Oregon to fall off.  I guess they haven't been paying attention because history would suggest otherwise. Since '94 the Ducks have been steady climbin, and it won't stop.

 They've been close many times already...sooner or later they'll be holding up the crystal football.

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