Monday, May 7, 2012

Looking Back: 2008 Civil War PT. 2

#24 Jeremiah Johnson scoring on his 83 yard touchdown run

I, on the other hand, was less confident given Oregon's recent struggles at Reser.  Also, Oregon was playing a beaver team motivated by a jacked up home crowd, and playing for the right to go to the Rose bowl.

I could only hope for the best.

However, it became evident early on that this was the Ducks day.  They set the tone in the first quarter with a 17 yard touchdown pass from Jeremiah Masoli to Jeff Maehl, and never looked back.

The faster - more athletic Ducks, ran wild on the beavers that day.  Oregon state appeared baffled at times on defense, and looked slow.  They couldn't stop Oregon's relentless attack, as the Ducks won 65-38, and amassed a total of 694 yards of total offense.

Oregon would go on to finish the season 10-3 after a Holiday Bowl win over Oklahoma State.  The beavers won a forgettable Sun Bowl over Pitt, 3-0...a score fitting for such a crappy bowl game.

Revenge is sweet, especially with a lot at stake.  The more at stake, the more a loss hurts.  As former Oregon receiver Jaison Williams said (on the game) "to go out and ruin somebody's dreams like that, it felt good."

Seeing beaver fans leave heartbroken, and discarded single roses all over the stadium was priceless.  That's why it's my favorite memory.

Below is my video containing the best clips from that game.  Enjoy!

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