Friday, May 18, 2012

Message To My Readers, Plus More: Future Projects, Links

Kenjon Barner

I gotta say, I feel bad for some of my loyal readers, who keep asking me when am I gonna come back and hit it hard, like I was doing?  

When the timing is right.  I just have something more important in life right now that I wanna focus on.  But I appreciate the love.

I've always been told in life, it's about the people you meet and connections you make.  I recently made a connection with a reader all the way from San Diego!  Mike Snow, an up an coming rap artist/Duck fan/website designer, has offered to design one for me, and promote it down there.

That's something I will definitely look into.  I'm also working on a pretty cool article I'm excited about, that I work on the side when I can.

But in the meantime, I'm just gonna be adding links and maybe a few quick takes for a while.

Now for the links:

A lot going on recently with the BCS, and conferences making deals, etc.  Does it ever stop? Probably not.  As long as it makes the greatest sport to watch EVEN better, I'm for it.  From the SB Nation comes this article out of Pacific Takes. 
Another person's view from SB Nation. And Schroeder, from the Reg-Guard has this.

Bunch of Pac 12 links from Ted Miller's blog.
More from Miller:

A bunch of good stuff as well from Addicted to Quack.

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