Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Playoff System Benefits The Ducks

Last year the Ducks 'Rose' to power. This year they hope to 'squeeze the day' by winning the Orange Bowl

Imagine if Ohio State or Auburn only had a week to prepare for Oregon.  That will be the case in 2014, after it was announced today that a playoff system has officially been approved.

No longer will there be the usual four or five week bowl layoff.  There's no question teams took advantage of the layoff in preparing for Oregon's offensive attack.

The extra time also allowed teams to rest its players and heel up.  Having fresh players and depth is a big key in playing against Oregon.

Now teams will have only a week in between games to prepare for the buzz saw, that is the Oregon offense, coming right at them.  Ask the Pac 12 how hard that is!  There's a reason why the Ducks have won three consecutive conference championships.

Of course the Ducks have to get there first, before even thinking about a national championship.  But if they do, the format plays into their strength.


  1. There is definitely truth to that. We've seen how UO has just steamrolled through the PAC since Kelly came on as coach. The two losses he's had in conf play were mainly due to turnovers (Stanford and USC). Everyone else struggled a bit maybe besides Cal in '10. The thing is that we'll need to have a better non conf schedule, which we will in the coming years. The less time to prepare for UO plays in our hands. Of course, I think this new playoff system plays greatly into the SEC's hands......unfortunately.

  2. great new post about the college fb playoffs. right on point for the ducks!

    1. thanks my man! Much appreciated!

    2. no problem bro, thank you for giving us duck fans great things to read!