Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Thoughts On Haters and The Oregon Ducks

Hate is an ugly thing isn't it?  Well, unless you're the one that's being hated on.  For them, it's a form of flattery.  For the haters, it's a sign of weakness.

To be so consumed with other peoples lives instead of focusing on their own, really is pathetic.

There are two different types of haters in this world:  those that hate when you're on top, and those that hate the ones striving to BE on top.

If you haven't noticed, the Oregon Ducks have a lot of haters.  One trip around college football message boards and you'll see them everywhere.

There are the traditional haters (rivals) like Oregon state, UW, and USC (who'll I get to in another rant) that are jealous of their success.

Then they have the non-traditional haters - from other conference's like the Big 12, B1G, and SEC - that are also jealous of their success, but also scoff at the notion that Oregon can get any better, or win a national championship.

Many of the teams from those conferences kind of represent the old guard in college football (and you can throw SC in there as well): Alabama, Texas, Ohio State, Michigan, etc., that aren't ready to accept Oregon yet as a major player, and are afraid of what they can become.

They see what Oregon is doing out here in our own little part of the country.  A grass roots movement that started in the late 80's really, prior to receiving any kind of help from "Uncle Phil" right on up until now.

They see the flashy uniforms, multi-million dollar facilities, and fans packing Autzen stadium on Saturday's, making it the loudest stadium in the country.  They see us taking recruits from their own backyard.  Places like Texas, Indiana, Florida, and Alabama.

They see it and they don't like it.

The small time programs like our little bro in Corvallis (Oregon state) are only mad because we are what they never will be!  

Just remember - no matter who you are or what you do in life - haters are the ones who say you can't and won't, because they're scared you will.

Go out and prove them wrong!


  1. Very well said...Hate is a terrible thing, but when it is directed at the Ducks, it is pointless. It only serves to motivate...and that is a good thing. Yell O!

    1. And let them keep hating. Like you said, it'll just keep them motivated.

    2. great read chris lol i don't really understand ducks football but whatever floats ur boat lol i almost said whatever flots ur goat lol

    3. Well Melissa, maybe it's time you start to understand Duck football. Catch the fever!

    4. 0 Championships....

  2. Cristin MclemoreJune 23, 2012 at 3:53 PM

    Good stuff buddy