Thursday, July 12, 2012

All In The Family: Paterno's Family Is Lying To Us

Nothing irritates me more than people who lie and basically question our intelligence. Joe Paterno did it by covering up the Sandusky scandal to A) protect his program/university and B) protect the name of his long time friend and assistant Jerry Sandusky.

It must run in the family because NOW, they're coming out saying Joe did everything he
could do, and wasn't covering it up. Right, Joe didn't cover anything up, even though evidence would suggest otherwise. Emails show that he knew the details of what was going on, but failed to report it to child welfare authorities. He could've pushed harder but didn't. EVEN Phil Knight retracted his words at your funeral, Joe, and is now saying:

"According to the investigation, it appears Joe made missteps that led to heartbreaking consequences. I missed that Joe missed it, and I am extremely saddened on this day. My love for Joe and his family remains."

His family is just doing the same thing Joe did to protect his university and friend's name: they're lying to us by saying Joe did what he could and didn't cover anything up, so they can protect HIS name. Problem is, it's already soiled.

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  1. That whole situation was sickening.. I'd like to smack that smirky smile off of Sandusky's face every time he's in front of camera's coming & going from court. He is a vile human!