Friday, April 13, 2012

My Biased Predictions For Next Season

It's never too early to make predictions for next season is it?  College football fever has hit me, so why not?  Spring games are in full effect everywhere across the country, and ESPNU as well as CBS CS are airing replays of games from last year.

My predictions might be a little biased; I think the Ducks could run the table.  They certainly have the talent to do it, but chances are they probably won't. 

Here's a look at each game, followed by my thoughts: (Home games in yellow)

  • SAT. SEP. 01 Arkansas State:  First ever meeting against this team from the Sun Belt conference, who bring with them two former Auburn Tigers in Michael Dyer, and head coach (previously the O.C. at AUB) Gus Malzahn.  For Oregon this means a chance at payback against those two.  Ok so maybe the fans are thinking about that more, but Ducks roll.  Plenty of players getting playing time and experience. (W)
  • SAT. SEP 08 Fresno State: Don't know much about Fresno State and what they have coming back, but I do they're going through a transition after firing Pat Hill.  New coach means new system players having to get used to.  Ducks win easily anyway.  (W)
  • SAT. SEP. 15 Tennessee Tech:  Another first ever meeting for Oregon against a team I know nothing about, but know they don't stand a chance.  Another great opportunity for players to get experience.  (W)
  • SAT. SEP. 22 Arizona:  Arizona has a new coach in Rich Rodriguez, who'll probably bring in his potent spread offense, but it's still the same Arizona team that Oregon has been kicking around for a while now.  Nothing new here, Ducks win.  (W)
  • SAT SEP. 29 Washington State:  Another team with a new coach.  Mike Leach could be scary up in the Palouse, but not this year.  Ducks will win their sixth straight in the series.
  • SAT. OCT. 6 Washington:  the poodles could be a solid team next year, but no where near the level of Oregon yet.  They have some questions to answer who's gonna replace Polk at RB?  And what about the defense?  If they don't see an improvement off of last year's team, don't expect them to be any different.  They're gonna get clobbered by the upper echelon teams, such as Oregon, who will win their 9th straight in the series. (W)
  • THURSDAY OCT. 18 ASU:  The Ducks annual Thursday game against another team breaking in a new coach.  The Ducks have won 7 in a row in the series, soon to be 8.  (W)
  • SAT. OCT. 27 COLORADO:  Did you see how bad Colorado was last year?  Now they come into Autzen for the first time since losing 32-30 in 1986.  This one won't be that close.  (W)
  • SAT. NOV. 01 USC:  Here we go, Oregon's first challenge.  The game that could determine who has home field for the Pac 12 championship.  Ducks won on their last trip to LA, 53-32, but this one will probably be closer.  I hate predicting a loss for the Ducks but if it's gonna happen, it's probably gonna be here.  For now, I'll give it one of these (?)
  • SAT. NOV. 10 CAL:  Oregon has won three straight against Cal, but the last visit to Berkely was a tough one.  Oregon was fortunate to squeak out a 15-13 win.  Cal is one of those teams that wins the recruiting wars, but never lives up to their preseason hype.  Could they give Oregon a game?  Sure.  Given the fact it's in Berkely also helps.  But Oregon still wins. (W)
  • SAT. NOV. 17 STANFORD:  The Ducks return home to face the cardinal, who have gotten blasted by the Ducks the last two times.  Losing Luck is a HUGE loss to overcome.  Ducks chop the tree's down again.  (W)
  • SAT. NOV. 24 CIVIL WAR:  That brings us to our showdown with Oregon State, which has become more of an annual beatdown.  The gap between the Ducks and the Beavers hasn't been this wide in a long time.  The difference in talent and depth is amazing, which is why Oregon will roll, winning their fifth straight over the barkrats.
So looking at that I see 11 winnable games, with the only real threat being SC.  Whatever happens, the Ducks are almost certain to have another 10+ win season, and be playing in a January bowl game. 


  1. How about they play some SEC teams.

    1. Why do Special Education Conference homers always say dumb crap like "How about they play some SEC teams" when nobody from the sec EVER comes west to play anyone except bottom feeders like the fuskies.

    2. So true....SEC teams are scared to do a home and home...

    3. Jerome JJonah JonesApril 14, 2012 at 2:58 PM

      alabama and florida wont play anybody and if they do its at home

    4. Except Tennessee is coming to Autzen, where they will get murked!

    5. I applaud Tenn for their vision and balls. But it's mostly about the $. That game will have a huge audience.

    6. yeah it will. Thing is, when it was first scheduled, it was much bigger than it is now. Tennessee is still big in name because of their history, but it won't be a win you can really hang your hat on.

    7. To bad we can't get Alabama, Florida, Auburn, or LSU out towards the west. What a bunch of pussies. PAC 12 is the confrence that will play anybody anywhere.

    8. I know. Look what happens when they do (when Arky visited the Coliseum)

  2. Jerome JJonah JonesApril 13, 2012 at 6:43 PM

    USC Can

  3. Jerome JJonah JonesApril 13, 2012 at 6:45 PM

    no SEC team can beat oregon

  4. Trojans smashing them at home this year, last year was just a sample .

  5. i like how you leave the question "comment on how your team could beat Oregon" and literally not one person answers HOW their team could. It's all "USC could!" or "OSU could!" nice arguments haha.