Monday, April 9, 2012

O TIME News and Links

O TIME crew

Just a reminder:  the filming of the new music video for Xile's new Duck anthem (O TIME II?) takes place on Sunday, April 29th, a day after the actual spring game itself.  

Most Duck fans remember last years song, O TIME, which in my opinion is thee "O"fficial anthem for the Oregon Ducks, and how popular it was.  Local radio stations were playing it, newspapers were talking about, I think it even got some love on espn's College Football GameDay. 

After leaving the fans speculating about whether or not Xile would go back into the studio to do another one, it was finally confirmed.  This years version will unquestionably be even betterThat's how Duck fans do it.  Like the program itself, they do things bigger, badder, and flashier than the last time!

What makes O TIME great, and everybody behind the scenes involved, is their vision and the fact that they make this song truly for the Duck fan.  In fact, you wanna be in the video?  You can!  Anybody's invited.  For more info on that, go here.

For on the field stuff about our Ducks, check these recent links:


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