Monday, September 10, 2012

Injuries To The Ducks Have Some Fans Nervous

Carson York
The hits just keep on coming...first Boyett, now Carson York is out for the year. That's football though. Injuries happen...somebody needs to step up. Let's have faith things will work out. I get tired of all the negative crap I see sometimes, especially after the game vs. Fresno St. (and that's why I left for a while). Yeah there are some issues, but c'mon already! Give the team time to develop and let everything work itself out.  

John Boyett (20) blowing up a Trojan
The loss to Boyett is tough (more on him later), but it's a chance for a new guy to shine.  Remember, it was Boyett that filled in for an injured TJ Ward in 2009.


  1. Ducks are stacked I believe in chip Kelly and his system. He will have the second string ready. I mean look at us we lose DT and LMJ and were sitting #4!

    1. well as long as the trio stays intact (DAT, KB, MM) I still feel good. But losing a veteran on the O Line like York, and one of the conferences best safeties in Boyett is big. Not lethal, but big.