Sunday, September 2, 2012

Post Game Thoughts: Arkansas St.

It was one of those night games at Autzen stadium that make it one of the most beautiful settings in all of college football - a warm 74 degrees at kickoff, incredible sunset, and a full moon - all had people pulling out their camera phones.

The uniforms Oregon rolled out with were just as impressive, proving once again, that Oregon sets the standard in uniform design.  Most of the people I talked to loved them as well, save for a few old curmudgeons.

On to the game.  Oregon won 57-34 and already people are grumbling that the defense gave up that many points.  Look, lets not kid ourselves...the defense only started to give up points in the second half when the backups came in.  

Oregon dominated that game.  They pretty much did what they wanted, when they wanted in the first and second quarter.  The students that came got free tacos by the 10:45 mark in the second quarter, when the Ducks reached the 43 point mark (the total needed for the students to receive 2 free tacos from Jack In The Box).

Mariota looked sharp, the offense has plenty of weapons, and the defense I thought played well when they were into it early on.

The team you saw early on in the first and second quarter is the team that will gradually be increasing over the season.  Oregon did what good teams do, they dominate inferior opponents, put in their backups, and escape without suffering any major injuries.  

The Ducks are locked and loaded.  Up next on the hit list: Fresno State. 

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