Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mission Impossible: Oregon

Fresno State, your task is to come up with a way to slow down the Oregon offense.  While you're at it, you may wanna increase the tempo of your practice to get your defense ready for the speed that the Oregon offense operates at.

You have a week to do it.  Good luck.

Like it will matter?  All the preparation in the world isn't gonna stop the inevitable from happening.  It's like patching a leak with bubble gum, eventually you're doomed.

Weber State (who they beat in week one 37-10) may have been a confidence booster for you, but it did nothing in terms of getting you ready for Oregon.

Jonathan Stewart running away from Fresno State in '07.
This is a team coming off a 4-9 record last year, and they're not even as good as they were the last time they visited Autzen, in 2007, when they got drilled 52-21.

Fresno State may be confident now, but they're gonna get a reality check when they go up against one of the nations elite.

Ducks win going away.

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