Monday, January 30, 2012

Thoughts On Recruiting: Oregon is Now A Player

   With National signing day coming up on February 5th, the anticipation continues to grow larger and larger each day.  You can just feel the excitement.  It's almost like waking up on Christmas Day, and seeing all the new presents under the tree.

   But it wasn't always this exciting on national signing day.

   There was a time when Oregon was an afterthought.  Why would any blue chipper wanna go there?  Oregon wasn't a football school at the time, and location wise, it isn't very appealing either, to those who favor an area with better climate, and a better city life.

   For a variety of reasons - Oregon's relationship with NIKE, coaching, success on the field - that all changed.

   Oregon is now a player.  They are a destination.  That first started happening right around the time I got into recruiting, in 2004.

   I don't know what led me to getting into recruiting that year?  I guess I just needed my quack fix during the off-season.  And 2004, happened to be a very special year for Oregon (recruiting wise).

   That was the year Oregon landed the big four from De La Salle: Terrance Kelly (RIP), Willie Glasper, Jackie Bates, and Cameron Colvin.  All of them were a four star or above, and Colvin - who was a five star - announced his decision to go to Oregon on national television, over Michigan and USC.

   The Ducks had one of their best recruiting classes that year.

   A class that included: Jaison Williams, who also chose Oregon over Michigan and SC, future NFL starters on defense in Jerome Boyd and Patrick Chung, and two other four stars as well.  Since that time, Oregon's recruiting continues to get better and better.

   Oregon is an attractive place for recruits all over the country because, they see the flashy uniforms and offense on t.v., and they see Oregon is also having success on the field.  They know they can go there and win.  Since 2004, Oregon is 75-21.  They've had five 10-win seasons, and have played in three straight BCS bowl games.

   This year Oregon is once again having another solid recruiting class.  According to, they currently have the nations #12 class.  Rivals has them at 15.

   There are just a few days left in this recruiting season, but Oregon is not done yet.  They have six spots open, and are in on a few more big name recruits.  

   Guys like five star safety Shaq Thompson.  Will he follow his friend Arik Armstead to Oregon, or stay at Cal?

   Stay tuned!

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  1. ***RECRUITING UPDATE*** According to the Sac Bee, Shaq Thompson has chosen to go to Washington. Guess I'm not surprised, since Tosh Lupoi (who I believe recruited Shaq to Cal, while he was still a coach at Cal) is now coaching at Washington. Enjoy udumb Shaq, you will never beat Oregon.