Thursday, January 26, 2012

Who Would Replace Chip Kelly If He Left?

   It's an interesting thought, and one Duck fans (including myself) almost had to ponder this week.  Oregon has built their program up to being one of the best in the country, which is why ultimately, I don't fear Chip Kelly leaving.  I think Oregon is in a place now that they can go out and get a top name coach, and keep the ball rollin.

   One paper in Reno, NV (don't have the link) agrees with me.  
   Regarding who Oregon would hire if (and when) Kelly leaves for the NFL. They speculate it would be Chris Peterson, and he would be wise to take the job:

"If someone from the NFL again calls on Kelly in the next year or two, Peterson would have to take that job if it were offered.

"Oregon is one of maybe six jobs that no coach could turn down. Others include Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, USC and Florida."
   Here's another site I do have a link for that speculates who the top candidates would be:

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