Friday, March 9, 2012

Duck Pride

 I'm feeling a sense of Duck pride right now.  I don't know why...just am.  It's a thought that wakes me up at night sometimes.  It's an adrenaline rush.  Every time I watch a Duck motivational video, I show it off to my friends - even non football and beaver friends - with a sense of pride.

Like they really care?!  I mean is it possible for them to get the same feeling I do?

How cool is Duck swag?  Just look at these pics!  "You can never have enough Duck SWAG,"  said Duck fan Aaron Cazerez, while shopping at the Duck store in downtown Portland.

Oregon is trendy, innovative, and forward thinking, as Colin Cowherd describes.  Everything they do is tied together:  the way they recruit, market the program, and design their uniforms.  Being in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon has to overcome a lot of disadvantages. 

They're not in a big market, and they aren't blessed with the sunshine of an SC, or Arizona State.  So they have to be creative and forward thinking to be able to compete with the big boys.  A little over 10 years ago it was considered aggressive, and brash, when Oregon plastered a Joey Harrington billboard in the middle of Manhattan:
They were considered foolish when broadcasting their games on the YES Network, which is based in the New York metropolitan area.  Who would watch right?  Well its worked on this group of people

Oregon has always been setting the trend when it comes to uniforms.  It's because of that, the "O" is universally known.  Throwing up the "O" is what throwing up the "U" used to be.  Other teams imitate (Maryland) but you gotta win on the field or else it's just a gimmick.  A week after debuting their new uniforms, Maryland got PASTED by the might Temple Owls!

Fortunately, however, Oregon does win on the field.

These are good times Duck fans.  Regardless of what may happen with the NCAA (save it rat and mutt fans).  I will still be proud to be a Duck.  It takes NOTHING away from what Oregon has accomplished under Chip Kelly.

So with that I leave you with this:  my favorite Duck motivational that I put together.

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