Monday, March 5, 2012

Thoughts On Tra Carson, Josh Huff

Josh Huff
Tra Carson

The only blemish on what was a great Saturday this past weekend was getting the news that Oregon RB Tra Carson plans on transferring, and receiver Josh Huff was arrested for a DUI.  First Carson.  This came as a surprise to me.  A team source confirmed it over the weekend.  I had high hopes for Carson, who I saw as a change of pace back (6'1" 227 pounds) to the smaller/quicker De'Anthony Thomas.  He showed what he could do this year by rushing for 254 yards and a touchdown in very limited time - and perhaps that's why he's transferring.  With Barner coming back, and Thomas probably being this year's "1A" Carson wanted to go somewhere with an increased role.

As for Huff, you just have to move on.  It happens.  Not excusing it, but it happens.  Hopefully it doesn't happen again.  I'm disappointed though because Huff is my favorite player on offense, in which you can read about here and you'd like to see better out of him. 

Bottom line is, I don't dwell on this too much because these kind of things happen EVERYWHERE, not just Oregon.  Just thought I would address it.


  1. We all will miss Tra, but good luck wherever and whatever you do! God bless you

  2. I haven't talked to anyone that doesn't wish him (and all the kids in our programs) nothing but the best. It's never easy to see them go for us. We feel like they are a part of our "family". With that being said, his decision had to be a hard one that I don't wish on anyone. I respect his decision and will follow him now where ever he goes. We always say here at Oregon, and it's true: "Once a Duck, Always a Duck"! Good luck Tra! I TRULY wish you THE BEST!

  3. So my young man is leaving Oregon! Many people have their opinion on why. Well as long as he got God and his true family with him it doesn't matter why. So when u see him shining in whatever color just know its his life and he has to live it!

    1. ‎& That' Just That, NO FURTHER EXPLANATiON NEEDED! -1.LOVE-

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