Friday, March 30, 2012

Final 4 Thoughts

Look, these guys won't say it, so I'll say it for them...Pitoni and Calipari hate each other, they want this game...BAD. This is what makes this game so enticing...and yes I said enticing. I know I've ripped on the tournament before saying it's no longer fun to watch once your bracket is busted, but this is a good final 4. AND it doesn't need any Cinderella's to be good either.

I mean who really cares if there's not a VCU, or George Mason not involved? You got 4 name teams, and two of them - Kentucky and L'Ville - are bitter rivals.

Imagine if Oregon played Oregon State where BOTH teams were playing for the right to play in the BCS national championship! It'd be insane.


  1. If all things were equal, I'd bet on Pitino. But Kentucky has the better team. Much better team. The pressure on them, and Calipari, is intense. I'm excited for the Final Four. Four basketball-blue bloods. This is Louisville's 9th Final Four. They won titles in 1980 and in 1986. Kentucky has 15 Final Fours and 7 titles. Kansas has been to the FF 14 times, and has won 3 titles. OSU has been 11 times, but only won once.

  2. Oregon State would actually have to be good to have a chance at the NC....just saying.