Monday, March 19, 2012

Memorable Play: Joey to Samie '01 Fiesta Bowl

The second play from that Fiesta bowl that I wanted to talk about came in the second quarter.  Leading up to that moment the teams had exchanged blows like a couple of heavyweights.  Both teams went three and out on their first possession of the game, and scored on their second.  Colorado scored first to go up 7-0.  Their scoring drive came rather easily, and they looked every bit the dominate/physical team they were hyped up to be.

After Oregon answered to tie the game at 7, Colorado got the ball back and went three and out.

As a Duck fan, you were hoping Oregon would take advantage by continuing their momentum on offense, and take their first lead of the game.  The very FIRST play after Colorado punted, this happened:
Oregon never looked back.

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