Wednesday, March 7, 2012

NFL RANTS: Colts Made Right Decision, Tired of Bounty Gate.

After saying what I said in my piece about honoring Peyton Manning, I can say that the Colts made the right decision in letting him go.

In fact, once Colt fans get over the grieving process, they should all be thanking Jim Irsay.  The Colts took a big hit this year when they lost Manning for the season, and they clearly weren't prepared for it.  It showed you just how good Manning is, and what a difference a good QB makes.

Having one of your worst teams in franchise history is pretty bad (obviously) but as "Luck" (pun intended) would have it, having the worst record in the league may have landed the Colts another once-in-a-generation QB in Andrew Luck.  The kind of QB that can save a franchise.  The VERY kind of QB Peyton Manning was coming out of college.

The Colts can now rebuild with Luck, and may be set for another run.

The other thing I like about this is the juicy storylines it develops.  Where does Peyton land?  Miami?  San Fransisco?  Houston?  And will he be the same again?  You got to remember, he's coming off four neck surgeries, and missed an entire season.

You're dealing with a neck here...not an arm, a shoulder, or a knee.  The first player that goes after him hard - like maybe there's a bounty over his head - could seriously injure him.  SPEAKING OF BOUNTIES.

I don't think it's a big deal because I'm sure this has been apart of the league for a long time. Players know what they're signing up for. You don't wanna see anybody get seriously hurt (like paralyzed) but if a team uses bounties to motivate themselves, then what's the big deal? Even though you have players going after individual goals (like if a certain player takes out a qb he gets $10,000) the end result is the whole TEAM defense plays better because their all trying to get that bounty.


  1. I agree on all topics. Just hurry up and make an example out of the Saints and as for Manning, he can go to Seattle and bring Reggie Wayne with him. My Seachickens need all the help they can get.

  2. Manning (&Reggie) will b quite happy in either miami or phoenix.As far as bounties,cmon,every team in the league does that,Saints just got caught.Media acts like its such a Im a duck fan & love yer "rants".Keep it up.