Monday, March 19, 2012

New Edition To This Blog: Looking Back at Great Moments In Duck History

A perfect thing to do during the dog days of college football's off-season... reminisce  about the past.  So, you may find me at random times talk about great moments from the past.  Kind of a fun thing to do.  With that said, let's get it started today with a few, starting with a couple from the 2001 Fiesta Bowl vs. Colorado.

First up is Maurice Morris' incredible run in the start of the third quarter.  With the score being Oregon 21 Colorado 7, it was still anybody's game.  I was still nervous at that point, and felt Oregon needed another score or two before I could sit back in my seat at Sun Devil stadium, and finally be able to relax a bit.  Oregon started with the ball in the 3rd quarter, and continued to pick up where they left off at the end of the first half.  A nice return by Ontario Smith, and a pass to Justin Peelle, set this play up:
The play broke the game wide open for Oregon, and really was the play that crushed any hopes the Buffaloes had of making a comeback. 

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