Monday, March 19, 2012

Today's Rants: Peyton Manning, Matt Flynn, College Basketball

What is up?! Hope everybody had a great weekened, as I did. A lot goin on may have heard Denver has a new QB (bye Timmy). Guess Steve Young has some crow to eat because he sounded pretty sure his niners were landing Peyton as of Friday.

Seahawks are all fired up after landing Flynn (who I already said will be this year's Kevin Kolb). It's kind of a reach, but then again, it's no
t really a downgrade from what you have now.

And of course you have the Ducks playing in a HUGE rivalry game against the Mutts I'll write about today, plus March madness continues...watched a few games last night. Saw Kansas get a tough win at the end after trailing nearly the whole game, and watched Cincy beat FSU in a hard fought game. Speaking of Cincy (and their hideous uniforms they wore last night), this stat kind of impressed me: Ohio (the state) is undefeated so far and his 4 team reppin the state (Xavier, Cincy, Ohio State, Ohio).

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