Friday, February 3, 2012

Big Night In The NBA Tonight

BIG night in the NBA tonight. Also big news: Clippers signed Kenyon Martin to a one year deal. As a Blazer fan, doesn't it make you mad that one of the losing-est franchises in NBA history, turns into a good one over night, and one of the best (Blazers) continues to be hampered with bad luck?

Speaking of the Clippers, Blake Griffin is skipping this years dunk contest. SO? Only thing you're missing is a really good throw in. Has there ever been a more overrated dunker? I wasn't even impressed with the dunk he did that won him last year's contest. He jumped over the front of the car, not even the widest part. Um I can do that, just not on a 10 foot hoop. Dude's got hops, I'll give him that. So does everybody else in the league.

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