Friday, February 10, 2012

Oregon Dominates Washington

Just to wrap things up on my rants about Washington being overrated in everything, in came the overrated Huskies last night, to take on the the Ducks at Matthew Knight Arena.  Grant it, they did come in having won five in a row, and beat the Ducks in Seattle on New Years Eve, but perhaps they came in a little full of themselves, being atop a weak conference this year?  

As it turns out, the Ducks dominated.  They jumped out to an 8-0 lead and never looked back.  Oregon beat Washington in every way.  They forced turnovers, fast break points, were hot from the field - shot 56.4 percent - and dazzled the crowds with a few high flying dunks.

It was nice to see the fans chanting "just like football" in a game that does mean a lot to Oregon fans.  The Oregon/Washington rivalry doesn't end on the football field, and even the announcers noticed that.  Marcus Johnson, one of the guys doing the game, noted on the atmosphere, "I didn't realize this was more intense than the civil war."

To some Duck fans it is.  Was it the biggest win in Matthew Knight Arena (so far)?  

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