Friday, February 17, 2012

Thoughts On Jeremy Lin

I'll be honest, at first I couldn't stand the guy.  Thought this was just another case of a story being shoved down our throats, and hyped up by the New York media.  Like Tebow, it's not his fault he gets so much coverage now.  What I like about Jeremy Lin, is he's a great example of what hard work, not giving up, and perseverance can do for you.  It's something to get behind, and I hope it continues for him, and he doesn't get too cocky.

It's also an example of why I love sports so much.  There are so many storylines in sports, so many real life soap operas from week to week.  What makes this situation intriguing is, what does it say about Mike D'Antoni as a coach for not putting Lin in ealier?  Or does it show how good his system REALLY is with the right players?  What does it say about Carmelo Anthony, and the fact that they Knicks have won seven straight without him, and Lin in?  Time will answer all these questions as Anthony comes back to the line up over the weekend.  Should be interesting.

Back to Lin, George Schroeder of the Register Guard wrote a good piece on him here that you can read:

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