Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pre Super Bowl Thoughts

I LOVE the Super Bowl, but I've realized its become too commercialized. I'm tired of these parties where celebs from other areas (music/movies), and ESPECIALLY celebs famous for nothing (Kim Kardashian) are there just to be there...they couldn't care less about the game. And can we actually get a halftime act that's good someday?
The SB probably will never have a decent show. When was the last time they did btw? Why do they always get old acts? I like Springstein, and U2, but Springstein and U2 doesn't appeal to today's youth. They gotta be more modern. More trendy. Now it's all about being safe, and appealing to the older crowd (thanks Justin Timberlake)
 My other problem is, it's too corporate. Let the regular fan have a chance to go to the game. Like the cheapest ticket is probably anywhere from $500-$800.

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