Friday, February 17, 2012

Oregon Loses A Tough One To Cal, 86-83.

Did they play better like some of the players promised they would?  Yes.  They played much better, and really could/should have won this game.  The Ducks led by as much as eight points in the second half, but committing a season high in turnovers (22), including three while trying to protect the lead in the final minutes of the game, is a recipe for a loss.

You can say that about a few of Oregon's losses this year, such as the loss at Colorado, and at home to Oregon State.  

To answer a couple of my emails I got last night, no it does not "burst my bubble," and I'll tell you why:  the fact that they're losing these close games, shows that they're getting close to becoming a real threat both in the conference, and nationally.  I've heard NBA scouts on local radio shows say just as much.  It also doesn't burst my bubble because I didn't have huge expectations for this team going into the year to begin with.  They've already exceeding my expectations, so I'm still happy.

The Ducks however, fall to 18-8 overall, 9-5 in conference.  They need to have a short memory because up next, is a tough game at Maples Pavilion against Stanford...a place where they traditional have struggled.

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