Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why I Hate Seattle

Collin Cowherd and Dave "Softy" Mahler were all fired up today because of the recent news that Seattle is interesting in bringing back an NBA franchise, as well as maybe even an NHL franchise.  After spending some time listening to both shows, regretfully (although Colin's not that bad), it reminds me once again of why I hate Seattle - it's their sense of entitlement.  

 Colin, who's such a frontrunner - he claims to be a Trojan fan and SoCal resident now, but turns into a Husky honk and brings up the glory days of his youth as a Seattle (or was it Greys Harbor/Port Washington/whatever town you grew up in) resident, every time a Seattle team does something - was talking about how sophisticated Seattle is, how it's a major market, and they deserve an NBA team.

Softy, who's a local hack and doesn't matter much on a national landscape, and takes pride in his own gluttony, essentially was saying the same thing

Here's the thing:  Seattle is kind of like a Lexus, a nice car no doubt, but you're not a Bimer, you're not a Mercedes, stop trying to be one.  Stop thinking you are one.  You're an expensive Toyota.  Maybe it's something in the water up there?  Husky fans are notorious for thinking their program is better than what it is.  Old Sonic fans, who hang on to the past as much as Husky fans, like to talk about their history, and the playgrounds of inner-city is the true mecca of basketball, and would put Rucker Park to shame.   The so-called "12th man" at quest field (or whatever they're calling it now) is the greatest environment in the NFL.  Forget about Eagle fan, the black hole, and Lambeau field.  They got nothin on Seahawk fan.

And it doesn't just end at sports.

Seattle will tell you they have the best coffee, as if they invited coffee.  Well you didn't, but I will give you credit for inventing the most successful coffee chain in America, which like the city, is overrated.  And you can't go to Seattle without buying some fresh fish from Pike Place Market, because after all, the fish taste best there right?  Well, not really.  I think I've made my point though...nobody cares about you outside the Northwest, so shut-up.

If Seattle does get an NBA team, good.  That way the Blazers can go back to beating them (another Oregon team beating a Washington team) and local hacks like Softy can piss and moan about it.  As long as it gives him something to cry about, I'm all for it!

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  1. I've always wanted to go off on Seattle, put them in their place. Now that I have my own platform to do it, that was fun!