Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome to NSD College Football Fans

   I have to disagree with my friend Tom Verducci, who said signing day is like watching Snooki on Jersey Shore - once you watch a little you can't get enough.  I disagree.  That's a bad comparison.  Jersey Shore is terrible now, its jumped the shark.  But I agree with the premise: signing day can be addicting.  

   It can provide for some real life drama.  This is actual reality tv, not some fabricated crap like Jersey Shore.  Same season, same drama's.  Is poor wittle vinny gonna grow a sack and come back to the shore?  Last year it was the Sitch, the year before, it was Sammi and Snooki (who share's a resemblance to Mrs. Piggy btw).  But I digress.  Back to the original point about signing day.

   It's now popular for these high profile recruits to have a press conference on national television, with a bunch of hats lined in front of him, as he makes his decision.  Its becoming a parity of what it once was.  Now you'll inevitably see a recruit pull off a switch...take one hat, then go with the other.  

   The player in his mind is probably thanking, 'SIKE. I got you!'  Yes you did, you pulled a fast one on me.  I bet you feel good, but not the coaches and fans of the team who thought they were getting you just a moment ago.  

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